Update on our Club Development Plan-Pitch 3

Dear Club Members,

We would like to give you an update on our Club Development Plan concerning an alternative to the proposal to build a 90m x 90 m Astro training area.
We have been approached by an adjacent landowner with the following proposition:

  1. We swap Pitch 4 for land at the end of pitch 3,allowing us to build a third full size pitch.
  2. We receive a cash donation allowing us to fund a full-size  flood lit Astro pitch rather than the 90x90m Astro training area that is in the Club Development Plan. This is a game changer for our clubs as we will then have 3 full size playing pitches in Douglas village.
  3. Potential pedestrian and cycle way access into the club and village from Grange, Shamrock Lawn/Alden, Tramore Valley Park, Galway’s Lane.
  4. The Land adjacent to our grounds needs to be rezoned as part of the City Development Plan for this agreement to happen.

We are bringing this to your attention now as the zoning process is nearing completion and the next step if zoning is successful will be information evenings followed by Special General Meeting.

We are asking if you think this is a positive development for our clubs by completing this short survey . 




QUESTION:If the units around pitch 2 and new pitch 3 are residential would there be an issue with lights on Astro ?
ANSWER:Modern lighting overspill is <5% so shouldnt be an issue, lighting would probably have to go off at 9:30 in any case
QUESTION: Would the cash donation cover the shortfall between the original costs for developing the smaller Astro and the full sized Astro ?
ANSWER:We could put in a full size Astro with less fundraising than the 90x90m if councillors supported the zoning application
QUESTION:Would the time frame for new format pitch 3 align with the existing  club Dev plan ?
ANSWER:Thats hard to tell at the moment
QUESTION:How close does the new bridge area come to this area ?
ANSWER:The new Tramore Valley overpass would be at the west end of the development,the Galways Lane pedestrial/cycleway would connect with it
QUESTION:Sloped ground at rear of pitch 3. Based on proposal (image) provided  it appears to be now used as main road access to new industrial estate? Can you clarify if this is part of the proposal?
ANSWER:There are two options wrt to road access,one take away some of the bank,the other doesnt.
One further thing to note, its residential rather than industrial units that are planned.
The number of units depends on planning,however our potential deal with the developer is independant of planning, ie if the land is zoned residential in the next two weeks we get the cash donation and the ground with pitch groundworks done.
QUESTION:Could a free parking agreement for gaa members in the industrial estate potentially be part of the conversation for access to pitch 3 (Astro) from Industrial estate side at weekends and evenings?
This would alleviate one of our big issues with parents parking as we would have an additional car parking source at the rear of pitch 3?
ANSWER:There would be free parking available for those using pitch 3
QUESTION:Ball Wall : Will this no longer go ahead if plan accepted as it appears  we will no longer have the space?
ANSWER:A ball wall is still part of the plan probably in a different location
QUESTION:Cycle path/pedestrian access on the right of pitch 1 & 2 from Industrial estate. Who pays for this and will access be open 24hrs or will it be closed by a gate at night?
ANSWER:The pedestrial/cycle access would be paid for by the developer,it would be outside our grounds,I assume as such it would be open 24/7.


3/7/22 17:30:01 This would be very positive
3/7/22 17:29:49 A must for the Douglas area , more housing for a area that is crying out for it and amenities for the club and schools which are badly needed , surely this will be fast tracked.
3/7/22 17:27:25 Great idea to have a full size Astro pitch. I’m fully supportive.
3/7/22 17:30:13 100 % drive on with this
3/7/22 17:34:39 100% support this offer.
3/7/22 17:29:48 Great idea.we need a full size astro pitch either way
3/7/22 17:40:21 Seems like a no brainer
3/7/22 17:41:36 Any opportunity to get more land that is able to be developed at low cost should be taken.
3/7/22 17:48:46 It’s essential really, no ifs or buts about it. I think it must be noted that if plans for this pitch are to go ahead, it would need to be floodlit.
3/7/22 17:49:41 No mention of lights which are badly needed! Otherwise fully behind it
3/7/22 17:45:40 This would be a fantastic development if it happens
3/7/22 17:56:00 Good plan for the future of the club
3/7/22 17:55:34 Drive on
3/7/22 18:11:09 Will new buildings adjacent to pitch 3 be residential or industrial?
3/7/22 18:30:24 A fantastic opportunity to get a 3rd pitch.
3/7/22 18:32:12 It would be great , fingers crossed.
3/7/22 18:33:15 This looks a sensible and win win situation for the clubs.
3/7/22 18:40:42 I will be curious to see the access as well as parking infrastructure and agreements with local access.best of luck with it.seems a great move..
3/7/22 18:36:38 Positive  development for the club.
3/7/22 18:25:32 Be very careful with public access. Avoid access in tandem with the Lee Valley walkway. Don’t risk any talk of easement, or right of way/access down the line, also we don’t want randomers going to the Lee Valley coming into us, only GAA people
3/7/22 18:44:50 3rd full size pitch is crucial to the club
3/7/22 18:47:00 Great proposal. I assume that we can still get Floodlighting with the astro and won’t be compromised by any planning development.Full size Astro with floodlighting will be unreal for the club.
3/7/22 18:46:36 Full pitches allows greatest benefit to the club
3/7/22 18:53:38 Full size astro can only be good for the club . Also potential for rental income.
3/7/22 18:53:20 Fantastic news
3/7/22 18:25:35 This would be a massive benefit for Douglas GAA and for the community. A once in a generation opportunity. Hope all involved can make it a reality.
3/7/22 18:58:18 Good proposal
3/7/22 18:48:05 Would be a great way of increasing pitch capacity for the club
3/7/22 19:05:33 Win win situation. More housing and a fully paid astro pitch.
3/7/22 19:14:05 NA
3/7/22 19:17:49 Would be fantastic!
3/7/22 19:12:56 Excellent proposal for area and the club
3/7/22 19:26:01 I think it’s a great opportunity for the club. I especially like the idea that there might be cycle access to the club. t
3/7/22 19:26:59 N/A
3/7/22 19:29:05 Considering the risk of planning not happening should make the cash payment a prerequisite to any planning. Is there away we can develop the initial Astro and extend that for the full pitch as this process will take a long time. We should talk to the people in Douglas golf club who went through a similar process with a developer previously.
3/7/22 19:29:06 The third pitch is a game changer for the club but there has alwaya been offers of donations before I would like to see iron clad rules before handing over anything
3/7/22 19:33:27 Fully support this proposal as long as one of the pitches is fully floodlit
3/7/22 19:29:46 Image could be clearer!
3/7/22 19:39:38 I’m sure a new ball wall location will be found!
3/7/22 19:37:06 Ye are a fantastic club and do so much for the GAA in Douglas. It would be amazing to have this for the children and adults alike.
3/7/22 19:41:15 Great idea
3/7/22 19:38:21 Excellent proposal, I hope it is successful
3/7/22 19:52:22 Great news
3/7/22 19:52:27 A full size Astro with lights would be so much better than 90*90 metre pitch
3/7/22 20:03:32 Fully support this potential development
3/7/22 20:05:18 Amazing addition to our club!!!!!!!
3/7/22 20:09:58 This sounds like a great proposal. 3 full sized pitches one to be Astro sounds fantastic.
3/7/22 20:05:56 Cost? A full size astro would cost 1 mill
3/7/22 20:13:29 Absolutely!!!!!!!
3/7/22 20:12:45 A third pitch would give more teams in the club the opportunity to both train and play matches in the club itself which is much more convenient yet is not always possible due to high demand for pitches
3/7/22 20:12:53 Can we see the original plan alongside this new plan for comparison?
3/7/22 20:17:42 Best value for the club and community
3/7/22 20:20:53 Positive move for all involved. It will bring us in line with other clubs in the Cork area.
3/7/22 20:21:58 Full infrastructure for the proposal should be included in the plan including defund access routes,flood lights dug outs etc
3/7/22 20:35:53 Focus on getting floodlights for at least one pitch first. It’s a basic necessity for a club the size of Douglas
3/7/22 20:34:57 Yes I think this is a really good opportunity as another full size pitch is a real bonus with the amount of activity in Douglas GAA and brilliant that we could end up with a full size Astro for all kinds of weather!
3/7/22 20:42:58 Full size astro is a game changer. For matches and training.
3/7/22 20:53:27 Very positive step
3/7/22 20:55:36 Difficult to picture full proposal but sounds good
3/7/22 20:53:57 Seems like a no-brainer decision
3/7/22 20:56:03 Great news
3/7/22 21:01:22 Seems like a no brainer from what information that has been provided.
3/7/22 20:50:49 The hurling alley needs to be rebuilt if this goes ahead and keep the other space as a car park for club bar staff members. Club bar is struggling compared to what it used to be there should be people who actually drink in the club on the committee instead of people who have the ideas for a perfect bar but never spend the time there to enjoy it the bar staff know the customers and the club itself there opinions should be invaluable to the layout of the bar and future of it. It seems like this new club only care about money and not looking after club members who have supported this club long before the committees or newly appointed chairmen here now. There’s to much politics and it’s making the club as a whole toxic
3/7/22 20:00:25 My “yes” answer is a little tentative. In principle, based on the information given, it seems like a marvelous idea. A total “no-brainer”! But, is pitch 4 all we have to give up for this? I’d like a bit more information on the proposed pedestrian access. It doesn’t sound too bad. But, the info is a little light and the only worry would be creating a “rat-run” for “blaggards” through the club. Also, from the above mock-up it looks like the proposed walkway would go through where the existing bank is for Pitch 2, will match viewing be impacted by this? Finally, I’m not sure is the following possible, but might well be worth consideration. Is there any opportunity to include some bit of a small stand on the South Link side of hte proposed new astro? If we were able to push for the “cash donation” to include an amount to go towards starting something like this (even if it was only laying foundations) it would be a nice “cherry on top”.  If you don’t ask, you wont get!
3/7/22 21:00:41 Full size astro pitch would be very positive. It will need to be floodlit to get proper use of.
3/7/22 21:05:09 Terrible planning if this is the case we knocked out alley that was popular and a fundamental skill area for prosperous members
3/7/22 21:15:14 Hopefully lights would be allowed on new pitch to make most of Astro.
3/7/22 21:30:59 Personally, I think the proposal is a game changer from the club. The potential access to the site also would further help build links to the club
3/7/22 21:51:04 Looks a very positive and beneficial development
3/7/22 21:56:56 Having a full sized astro available in Douglas 12 months of the year. Would the cash investment needed be similar to that in the development plan for the smaller astro or would it allow cash be diverted to allow some of the plans in year 3 be expedited
3/7/22 22:00:20 The proposed land to be rezoned won’t impact on Douglas GAA zoning, or our current development plan. So I would support the rezoning. There after, the club can have more detailed discussion with the landowner in relation to land swops, access, funding etc that could be to the significant benefit of the club. 3 pitches with one full size astro would indeed be good.
3/7/22 22:28:12 More training/playing area the club gains would be much needed. Also the ability to let the three different branches of the club being able to train and play matches on the club grounds more of an identity and feeling of togetherness.
3/7/22 22:54:54 This if rezoning is successful is a no brainer.
3/7/22 17:50:51 Seems like a no brainer
3/7/22 23:40:14 Full size AstroTurf would be a huge step forward
3/8/22 1:25:18 What are the negatives to accepting this proposal? The explanation is a little one sided to the positive!
3/8/22 6:26:33 Very positive
3/8/22 7:18:41 Seems really beneficial for the community
3/8/22 7:58:25 Will it have floodlights?
3/8/22 8:52:31 Fantastic if this all goes ahead…
3/8/22 9:58:42 Full sized Astro would be great asset to club.