Our Club bar re-opened on Friday 10th December. To book a table please ring Pearse on  021-2417627.

If  you have any questions please email bookings.douglasgaa@gmail.com.







Opening hours January

Bank holiday Monday 5pm to 8pm
Midweek-Thurs & Fri 5pm to 8pm
Weekend-Sat & Sunday 3pm to 8pm
Closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday while restrictions are in place (Except for bank holiday Monday)

Covid Guidelines for Club Bar

We will ensure the premises contains sufficient seating (which adheres to physical distancing requirements) to accommodate the number of permitted persons for the purpose of consumption of food or beverages, and at any time the number of permitted persons does not exceed the seating available on the premises.

We ask everyone to pre-book by phone or website prior to arrival.
1. On arrival you will be asked for proof that all those 18 or over are fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19, you will  asked to provide photo ID.

2. Under 18s who are accompanied by a parent/guardian in an indoor setting, currently do not require Proof of Immunity.

3. If any of your group arrive without their verification Proof of Immunity, they will be refused entry to indoor facilities.

4. Unfortunately due to Covid we are unable to re-open the pool table for the moment.